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Moving Forward by the Light of the Three Suns: Intuition and our Journey through Life

Our contemporary society offers us an array of lifestyle choices like never before. From the more mundane necessity of choosing between the different brands and products on the supermarket shelf to the answering of the more significant questions of where to live, what to do and who, if anyone, to share the experience with, every day we are confronted by the reality that making decisions is an intricate and unavoidable part of living.

But, in the face of what can be overwhelming and paralysis-inducing compl

exity, how do we possible manage, on a daily basis, to repeatedly be decisive? While the adoption of certain criteria – such as familiarity, price or likely return – might enable us to easily differentiate between some of the choices on offer, these parameters are by no means a guarantee that what we decide upon will keep us safe and satisfied in the long run.

Often in fact, as our journey through life unfolds, we will be confronted – despite our best efforts to obtain all available information – with situations where we do not know what choice to make, if any, and where the criteria that we had earlier used to navigate by are no longer effective or applicable. Living successfully can in such circumstances become a very daunting prospect, causing us to isolate our self by withdrawing from the world at large.

What, then, is one to do if they want to live fully and fearlessly in the face of the need to continually make choices?

According to the Q’ero people of the high Andes, each person has in their physical body three ‘centres of knowing’ – or intuition – that can provide them with information and guidance on choices related to the self, others and the world at large respectively. If these centres are open, clear and we are aware of how to receive and process the information that they communicate to us, we become able to move through life more peacefully and successfully.

This innovative workshop will be split into three one-hour segments, between each of which will be short breaks. In the first part, participants will be introduced to wisdom about what intuition is, how to access and process it, and, further, will be guided in two exercises to assist in becoming more tuned in to oneself and to one’s life purpose. In the second part, the focus will be on becoming aware of and beginning to clear the blockages that exist in our three centres of knowing, which will be undertaken through a series of different exercises. In the final part, participants will be led through exercises that will enable them to practice and refine their intuition as they work together with different partners.

The workshop – which will be facilitated in English, with translation into French and German available if needed – will take place on Sunday 2 December 2012, from 1pm to 5pm.
The venue for this event is the ‘LoftStation’, Baderanstalt, Hammer Steindamm 62, 20535 Hamburg.
The cost of participation is €50 (inkl. Mwst.) per person – with light refreshments and snacks being provided both during breaks and after the event – with the amount being payable in advance. 

To reserve your place, please email: 


The two facilitators for this workshop will be: 

Dr. James Powell

James first became interested in energy work during his time as a postgraduate student at the University of Oxford. Alongside his doctoral studies, James also trained extensively as a shamanic practitioner, worked with different shamans in various locations around the world, and explored and tried a wide variety of other energetic healing modalities. What he learnt in this process of discovery has since helped him to deal with many emotional, health and relational challenges, and also to guide and support others with their own issues. Since 2007, he has been working in private practice as a Shamanic Counsellor, assisting people from all walks of life in Germany, Switzerland and the UK, as well as in different locations around the world over the phone.

http:// www.soul-response-ability.eu/

Nathalie L. Brochard

The world of energy has fascinated Nathalie ever since her childhood years in France. She first obtained her 1st and 2nd level certification in Reiki Usui some years ago, before she discovered, initially through one of her soul sisters, the power of shamanic healing methods – which she realized suited her better as a way of working with energy. Nathalie has over the years received several different kinds of spiritual initiation (Violet Flame, Reiki MaHeo´o, Unicorn, Abundantia, etc.) that she now openly offers to pass on to anybody who wishes to receive them. She is also a clairvoyant.


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